r.i.p. luke rice!

we here at the global skateboarding network would like to send our condolences to the family of baltimore skatepark builder luke rice! we will all miss u very much and will never forget the things u have done for baltimore skateboarding. rest in peace bud! -bill @ thegsn.info

Charmcity Skatepark co founder Luke Rice has passed away. I have known Luke since we were 15 and had shared so many amazing adventures. Luke was so talented he could do anything and everything play music, skate, build halfpipes or houses whatever you needed. He also did it well and with a smile!
He knew everybody and was well liked. The Mayor of Edgemere. I’ll miss you Luke and look back at all the unreal situations and crazy adventures we had shared and smile because I know you would have wanted all of us who cared about you to remember you that way! Your awesome buddy! – jason chapman owner of charmcityskatepark

17 thoughts on “r.i.p. luke rice!

  1. I was at charm city skate park last night and asked Jason about Luke. Got home and heard about the accident but had little info. Found out first thing this morning it was Luke and I was in disbelief. From one Curley guy to another – Luke you will be missed.

  2. Ty for taking the time to recognise(sp) and speak so kindly of a one of a kind person!
    This is so hard on everybody, friends and family alike! Love you cuz! R.I.p brotha

  3. Very amazing and unique person and good friend. He always used to tease me about growing up together with our parents close friends. Here’s to Luke always doing things his own way! Love you and will be missing you like crazy! Won’t be the same this Halloween! MUAH!

  4. Very nice article! Jimmer was just talking the other night how awesome Luke was on the board! RIP Luke you will be missed!

  5. I didnt know u personnally but heard alot about u from my sister carrie she said u are a great person and by the comments yer friends are leaving she must of been rite r.i.p. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family & friends

  6. Lukie and I share so many memories from growing up! Will never forget that smile and our fun times! We lost touch, but reconnected on Facebook and he was still a great guy and led an exciting and fulfilling life! Life was taken too soon, but his memory and loving soul will never be forgotten. xoxoxoxoxo Lukie – RIP

  7. It’s really nice to see the lovely comments about Luke. I keep hearing “his smile could light up a room” and that is so true (always loved his smile). Luke was always happy, and always smiling. Edgemere will never be the same. I am so moved at all of the love and comments I have been reading about him. It’s really neat to see how many lives he truly touched! Bill, you’re awesome for writing the article!

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